Sàl Review


“Emotional, emotive and exquisitely crafted, SÀL searches through the darkness that has shrouded the horrific events at the dawn of 1919, to speak from the very soul of the islands. Among a body of work that has always been impressive for its breadth of vision and vivid imagination, with SÀL Iain Morrison has surpassed even his own high standards in a work of unparalleled potency.”

Spotify/iTunes etc

hello there…I’ve made the decision to take my music off the Spotify/iTunes streaming platforms, in case you are looking for it. I’ve never thought it was a model that supported art, especially art on the fringes. My work is available here: https://iainmorrison.bandcamp.com
Also, I’m still working away on a new record. I’m happy with the course it’s taking, might just take a bit of time. bit by bit…much love.